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The majority of people who lose weight and keep the weight off do three things:

  • Try to figure out why they are overweight
  • Stick to a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly.

Why you are overweight

There are many reasons why you are overweight. Weight problems are often inherited. You could be eating too much because you feel depressed or lonely. Sometimes it is because your metabolism is low (how fast you burn calories) or there is a problem with your hormone balance.

A new diet can help you lose weight over the short term but frequently you gain the weight right back unless you determine the underlying issues that caused the weight gain in the first place.

What kind of diet should I follow?

You should follow a healthy diet which you like and you can continue indefinitely. The diet should be low in fat and sugar and high in fiber. Dr. Cortés can advise you on specific foods and alternatives for your diet and help you with portion control and on how to read food labels.

Factors that affect your success

Dr. Cortés will help you to assess which factors are contributing to your weight gain and he will advise you on how to resolve these problems. There are three main categories of dysfunction which can affect weight gain and weight loss.

    • temporary physical disorders
    • chronic stress
    • emotional challenges

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How Can I Calculate my BMI?

The BMI can be measure at your Dr’s Office by simple calculation based

on the radio of someone’s heigh and weight.

Dr Cortes as a Family Practitioner Offers….

• Physical Examen, Blood Test and BMI Control.

• Dr. Cortés will help you to assess other factors (emotional, hereditary, hormonal, etc); that are contributing to your weight gain and he will advise you on how to resolve and manage them.

• Complete Nutrition Guide based on your blood type, age, sex, and ethnic group supervised with a nutritionist.

• Treatment based on your BMI with medications and nutritional supplements.

• Referal to surgical procedures if needed.